UMOFX is an international brokerage company known for high quality of rendered services and the wide range of available trading instruments. But this is not all company's advantages. The list of UMOFX advantages can be endless - each trader will distinguish the most important for him. We express gratitude to our clients for the reviews they left and kindly ask them to send more reviews to for placing them on this webpage.

Zakri Alwi

Trading in Forex is about Money Management, because, we as a trader should have a plan to make it successful. It is not difficult but it is also not easy. I still learn how to be a consistent trader, I believe, this is everybody dream. UMOfx contest is a great promotions and i believe by doing this periodically, it would show the credibility of UMOfx management as one of the respected broker in the market.

Zakri Alwi my | Trader

Edi Yusman

First of all, Thanks to UMOfx Lucky Draw which i won 2nd place last month. I have been satisfied with UMOfx ever since i trade with them. Deposit and withdrawal is very easy and hassle free. Although still on a loss side, i still aiming to learn until i achieve stable profit.

Edi Yusman id | Trader

Pankaj D Costa

I am very much interested to trade in UMOFX, the main reason is:

  1. I am trading in ECN account, spread is very low, even in the cross currency, which is really helpful.
  2. Around news time also spread is not much high.
  3. Re-quote or off line is very rare, this issue is only facing around high impact news moment, which is very simple and very less than other brokers.
  4. Money security is always.
  5. Personal Manager / Client service is very nice and any time get support on skype also.
When I deposited last month, saw UMOFX giving us nice chance to win prize and participate the contest. Normally I am not following any indicator or EA, because everything is getting fault suddenly and faced loss. That is why now I use simple method like moving average, in M15 / M30 chart, using 240 SMA and 14 EMA, when both MA cross, I am taking entry, also using heiken ashi to exit my trade. In this way I am trading and hope will be success.

Pankaj D Costa bd | Trader

Veronica Fisher

The difference between UMOFX and other brokers I have noticed is their bonus and support. The support quickly responds to my concern and it gives me a comfort trading environment. I use a several trading techniques in my trading with UMOFX and not face any problem with it. I was shocked when announced as a winner in the Lucky Draw Contest and thank you UMOFX. I hope UMOFX will organize another contest and surely I will give my support and participate again.

Veronica Fisher ru | Trader

Yit Khang Chong

Tips for success in forex trading is that choosing a right broker with fast execution of trade and low spreads. It is always advised to practice risk and money management. The UMOFX Lucky Draw Contest is truly rewarding and give you some surprise in the journey of forex trading. I am very thankful to UMOFX on giving such a generous gift.

Yit Khang Chong my | Trader

Mohd Saiful Mohd Asis

Thank you UMOFX, I really like UMOFX which UMOFX has good services and smart website. My current strategies in trading are daily chart and bollinger band.

Mohd Saiful Mohd Asis my | Trader

Mohd Herman B Mohd Yusof

Thank you UMOFX for giving me opportunity in sharing my testimonials and basically I already used and tested few forex brokers and taking me quite a year to reach forex broker such as UMOFX. Generally what I like the most about UMOFX is the services which very considering about the client issues and problems and very good service in deposit/withdrawal process.I am trading using the naked chart and still in the learning process under guidance from my fellow traders. It is about sharing knowledge and always assists me in trading which becomes one of my important factors to be success in my trading. So as a conclusion, I want to give a very big thanks to UMOFX.

Mohd Herman B Mohd Yusof my | Trader

Kasih Mutiara Intan

A big thanks to UMOFX! It is been my luck to win this lucky draw since before this I never won any of this type of contest. From my experience in forex trading, the key to success is about how you struggle in learning about naked chart. I concluded from my experience that indicator is not giving me high percentage to success in forex trading. I also already used a lot of forex brokers and as a result, I choose UMOFX which for me has the advantages in giving good services in deposit and withdrawal process and also have a good local depositor that are very helpful.

Kasih Mutiara Intan my | Trader

Mohd Zaini Bin Pandi

UMOFX is the brokerage house I am looking for as it is fast to respond to me as customer and friendly. I have yet to make my first withdrawal soon!.. Alhamdulillah!

Mohd Zaini Bin Pandi my | Trader

Julia Binti Ab Rahman

I am very grateful and thanks to UMOFX for giving me opportunity to win this lucky draw. My strategy in trading is learn about the platform and complex indicator. Now i understand the chart more from time to time. By trading, i also can increase my economy. Winning this lucky draw makes me trust UMOFX more as its credibility shown and i will always struggle for my objective and dream.

Julia Binti Ab Rahman my | Trader

Ajie Fajar Pamungkas

Thank you UMOFX, my tips when trading with UMOFX is I usually use the smallest lot and focus on one of the fair. I also always do transactions in one direction. Positive Impressions trading in UMOFX :

  1. there is a small spread
  2. can deposit with small capital
  3. can do bank deposits and withdrawals in local
Once again thank you very much UMOFX!

Ajie Fajar Pamungkas id | Trader

Amit Kumar Verma

As far as my trading strategy is concerned actually I do not use any strategy neither any indicators but just trade by watching the market movement. You may call this naked trading but i follow strict stop loss and money management. With your 5$ bonus luck favored me and hence I could complete the lots. The no deposit bonus is quite helpful for us to know the quality of broker services. Thanks a lot for the bonus.

Amit Kumar Verma in | Trader