As a leading provider of Forex trading services, UMOFX supports a wide range of network of Referring Parties, one of the best in the business. With its high profit potential and its ever-growing popularity, the online Forex trading sector makes a perfect partnership product.

Through UMOFX, you will have the ability to introduce to your client(s) to a global marketplace. The ability to trade currencies in convenient environment with access to deep liquidity market, flexibility and buying power will be benefited to investors of all experience levels. Co-operate with UMOFX and start developing and expanding your own client(s) base.

UMOFX offers an excitement of Forex trading to your client(s) and at the same time helps you to generate a steady stream of profits from its partnerships program.

We are offering 2 types of Agent partnership:

  1. Agent Trader

    Agent Trader is entitled to receive a referral commission amounting to 0.5pips directly from each trade made by their direct client(s).

  2. Social Agent

    Only available on mini4 account

    Social Agent is entitled to receive a referral commission from each trade made by their direct client(s) and any other client(s) who are registered under the said direct client(s) for up to a maximum of 3 levels, the calculation of commission shall be as follows:-

    • Level 1 - 50% of the 0.5pips directly from their direct client(s);
    • Level 2 - 30% of the 0.5pips of the second level client(s); and
    • Level 3 - 20% of the 0.5pips of the third level client(s).

However, for a trade made by a client(s) who had chosen to receive the Deposit Bonus, Agent Trader and Social Agent is entitled to receive only a referral commission amounting to 0.4pips from each trade made by the their direct client(s), the second level and third level client(s).

Agent partnership advantages:

  • Highest Agent commission.
  • Up to 3 Level of client(s) commission level
  • (for Social Agent only).
  • Social network partnership.
  • Deposit is not required.
  • Instant commission payment..
  • No limit revenue for Agent.
  • Online financial statistic.
  • Technical support of 24 hours/per day, 5 days/week.

Graphical example

Open a live trading account with UMOFX now and upgrade your status to Agent partnership. You will receive an agent link immediately, it is your personal unique referral link. Next, you will need to promote your referral link and gain your own client(s) and build your client(s) base. Any client(s) who open a live account with UMOFX via your referral link will captured by the system as your referred client(s). An email will be notified upon successful registration of the new client(s). Log in to your traders cabinet to see more information of your new client(s).